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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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i'm grace lee. chopper five is over good afternoon. happy friday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin with breaking news. chopper 5 is over san francisco international airport where you can see a lot of activity going on. we just got off the phone with an airport spokesman and he says that a suspicious package has shut down a portion of terminal one. it looks like they have brought
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in the bomb squad. the area that's affected is called area c where delta airlines operates. looks like some people are standing outside maybe not allowed in at this time. we're not sure. we are just getting information in. the bomb squad is just on scene to handle the suspicious package they have found. a tsa agent found it and said it looked suspicious, a half hour ago. we have a crew headed to the scene at san francisco international airport to find out what's happening. again, a suspicious package found in terminal one. we assume this is affecting flights and passengers in the area. so if you are planning on traveling, make sure to call first. other big story at noon it's been one of the most talked about cases in the bay area. it's got national attention. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's domestic violence trial set to begin this afternoon the anne makovec joins us with the latest. i guess a bit of late start, anne. >> reporter: that's right. this morning, a judge was
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chosen for the trial. and this afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., the case will be in his courtroom. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi attended a brief court appearance this morning. a stepping stone to the trial that will likely decide his political fate. >> the people are ready to proceed. the defense attorney is. we are hoping that we will learn what courtroom we're assigned to. then we'll take the proceedings from there. >> reporter: the judge garrett wong a seasoned former public defender who has been a judge here since 2005. this afternoon, he will receive pretrial motions key to the case. mirkarimi's camp wants to exclude a video that the couple's neighbor took of mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez showing a bruise mirkarimi is accused of inflicting. his lawyer says it was for a potential custody battle for their 2-year-old son not a criminal trial. lopez's lawyer spoke this morning on cbs 5 "early edition" saying her client
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won't testify. >> she is not going to say anything unless she is giving a grant of immunity. the reason this case is crazy is because it all came about because what she told a person she thought was a lawyer. >> her next-door neighbor. >> and the lawyer breached the confidence and called the police. >> reporter: mirkarimi's lawyer also filed a motion to exclude testimony from his ex- girlfriend christina flores with a similar story of abuse. the lawyers filing paint her as a jilted ex-lover trying to get mirkarimi back. mirkarimi is charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. his friend former mayor art agnos says he is dealing with it the best he can. >> the family wants to get it over sooner rather than later because they want to be together again. ross wants to get on with the work without the distraction of this case. and we're hoping that as more of this comes out, that will happen quicker. >> reporter: a reporter linda yee is going to be in the courtroom this afternoon and
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she will be with us at 5:00 and 6:00 for the latest as the trial begins. back to you guys. >> long-awaited. thank you, anne makovec. we got some strong winds that could hamper firefighters' efforts to tackle a wildfire in napa county. those flames broke out yesterday off soda canyon road near the silverado trail in the northeast part of the county. aerial manage shows that the fire has burned four times the acreage firefighters originally thought this morning. about 200 acres have burned. the fire is still only 50% contained. now, no structures have been destroyed. but two firefighters have suffered minor injuries. about 200 firefighters are battling this blaze. it started after a control burned spread to nearby brush. firefighters have been working to put out a house fire in concord this morning at a residence on overkill drive. you can see several fire trucks on scene and firefighters who are work on the roof of that house. now, we understand that one
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person who lives there suffered minor burns. no word on what may have caused this fire. some drama on san francisco bay this morning as a boat smashed into some rocks in alameda. one woman was on board and it now appears that the claim of a second person being on board was false. gil diaz explains why that woman has now been arrested. >> reporter: all morning the u.s. coast guard searched for a missing woman who may have been ejected from this capsized 42- foot boat along ballena bay. the only problem was, there wasn't a missing woman. >> her story has changed again to where that the other female on board most likely walked away from the incident. >> reporter: this woman, who investigators say appeared drunk, made it all up. the boat was originally docked at the alomar marina near jack london square. investigators believe the boat crashed at a high rate of speed. the coast guard says investigators spoke with the woman's mother. the mother says her daughter
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calls her to say she was on board. that almost sounds too good to be true. this man, who is selling the boat on behalf of the owner, an oakland woman, was almost certain no one could have pulled this off by themselves. >> you can't just jump on them and drive. somebody must have had some kind of skills, number one to get the boat out from the waterfront hotel, out to jack london square. >> reporter: a 100-foot boom now surrounds the boat to keep any hazardous materials like gasoline or engine oil from dripping in the bay. it's up to the boat's owner to remove her ship wrecked vessel but it's not known when that will happen. two people are dead following a two-car accident on 880 in san lorenzo at 11:30 last night south of hesperion boulevard. two women died at the scene. most of the northbound lanes were shut down for about three hours. they were reopened in time for the morning commute though. no word on what may have caused
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that accident. friday prayers in afghanistan gave way to another day of protests. thousands marched in anger over the burning of the koran. afghan forces fired their guns into the nair kabul to break up the crowds. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan visited the base with you the books were burned. he told u.s. forces that now is not the time for revenge. >> we admit our mistake. we ask for forgiveness. we seek to move on. >> reporter: u.s. officials insist that the copies of the koran were sent by mistake to a pit used to burn garbage. hundreds of protestors loyal to syrian president bashar assad tried to storm an international conference in tunisia. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is among those at the
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conference calling for a cease- fire to allow humanitarian aid into the country. meanwhile, red cross workers are in the city of homs negotiating with authorities and rebels just trying to evacuate all wounded. campaign 2012 now. california republican leaders are meeting here in the bay area over the weekend. they have been arriving today for the party's spring convention. it will be held in burlingame. the gathering runs through sunday at the hyatt regency sfo. newt gingrich is skidded scheduled to speak at -- is scheduled to speak at tomorrow's luncheon. he is the only presidential candidate scheduled to speak at the convention. mitt romney is trying to refocus on economic issues as he battles rival rick santorum in the republican presidential race. today he spoke at a football stadium in detroit, talked up his proposal to lower marginal individual tax rates by 20%. opinion polls have romney holding a slight lead over santorum ahead of tuesday's primary in michigan and arizona. romney is head by single digits. sticker shock, gas prices
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are already topping $5. >> from bendable to stretchable to see through? how your smartphone is about to get a whole lot smarter. chaos caused anear riot outside a mall in orlando. a gorgeous day in the bay area. looking good. its about to change. you will need a jacket this weekend. we'll have details coming up. this crash . ============b r e a k ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crash... caught on camera in texas. watch as the 18-wheeler comes around the corner and overturns... coming down right on top of a car. surprisingl a chilling tractor-trailer in texas. it slides across around the corner turns overcoming down on top of a car. surprisingly, the injuries to the driver of the car were not life-threatening. this all happened in dallas yesterday.
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that accident shut down several lanes of traffic in both directions. it took police in riot gear it break up a crowd outside an orlando mall. customers were waiting for the midnight release of a new nike pair of sneakers tied to the nba all-star game which is in orlando and has a space theme. witnesses said the crowd was asked to wait across the street but shortly after the mall closed, as you can see hundreds rushed towards the nike store. police say no one was injured but two were arrested for trespass. that craziness over the new shoes also spread to sacramento. there were long lines outside the arden fair mall this morning. there's some more information on the nike plus shoes. they are high-tech and described as digitally-enabled footwear with interactive mobile applications. and you can walk in 'em, too. they can provide athletes with information on how fast or how hard they're playing. the limited edition shoes also glow in the dark. that's a bonus. they cost $220. only a dozen pair were sold
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today in sacramento. >> so that glow in the dark feature makes it hot. if you thought $4 for gas was bad, one gas station in los angeles is over $5 a gallon in downtown los angeles. premium 20 cents more than regular. here in the bay area san franciscans can expect to pay around $4 .26 a gallon, 4.20 in san jose and 4.19 in oakland. only a fraction of oakland employees handed layoff notices will lose their jobs. originally, about 2500 workers received those layoff notices. then officials expected there would be 80 layoffs. now the latest count, 21 jobs lost. the layoffs were planned after the city lost millions of dollars in state redevelopment money that was cut off. a beloved kindergarten in solano county saved from the chopping block. outraged parents forced school leaders to back down from a plan that would have closed the
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school in the fairfield suisun unified school district. they are struggling with a $7 million budget shortfall and decided to close a high school and elementary school during last night's board meeting but the kindergarten, that will stay. coming up, surf, sun and disneyland. who wouldn't love california? apparently a lot of people. smartphones are getting smarter. i'm alexis christoforous with a peek into the cell phones of the future. and a bizarre accident caught on tape. how this helicopter literally fell apart. what's not to love about the weather around the bay area lately? lots of sunshine and warm. but that's going to change for the weekend. we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ers... their
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started shaking as it landed in well, this is a scary helicopter ride for four rescue workers. their chopper just start shaking as it landed in a remote area of northern brazil and just literally fell apart on touchdown. the doors fell off. the tail broke in two and the crew remained on board throughout the whole ordeal. there were only minor injuries scared to death yes but they are okay and an investigation is under way. future vacation trippers may be avoiding the state of california believe it or notful a new poll shows california is the least popular state in the union. public policy polling asked people whether or not they had a favorable opinion of california. illinois and new jersey also
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low on the list. so that's who we're in company with. the polls show people love hawaii the best after spending several years there, i can see why. >> how did we get grouped with illinois and new jersey? >> snow in chicago, what are we doing? >> sunshine! >> thank you. basking in the sunshine! you better like it today. after this things are going to change a bit. outside right now, beautiful blue skies over the bay. we are looking good mostly clear starting to see a couple of patches of fog on the coastline watching that closely into the afternoon hours. these temperatures again are possibly 68 degrees in oakland. 70 in livermore, 27 in san jose, 69 degrees in santa rosa. it looks like offshore winds will weaken so mild to warm around the bay area not as warm as yesterday. clear inland with patchy fog
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especially at the coast. cool and breezy as the high pressure is slowly weakening. you can see the system in the north not going to bring us rain. as it drops in you will feel the breezes and cool air dropping into the bay area so the temperatures coming down if you have plans for the weekend. around the state you will notice those temperatures very nice. 60s and 70s into the central valley. about 65 degrees into monterey bay. 27 degrees in ukiah. -- 72 degrees in ukiah. 75 the forecast high in san jose. 73 in palo alto. and about 63 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up mainly now into the 70s. and then it looks like as you get inside the bay a little more effect from the sea breeze so about 64 in sausalito this afternoon and 62 at stinson beach. looking out over the next couple of days, a cooler weekend for the bay area. those temperatures look to drop outside especially into sunday where i think we'll probably struggle to get into the low 60s on the warm end. by monday and tuesday, more clouds roll in. a chance of showers as we head in toward wednesday. yup, you can surf in the morning and in the afternoon, you can be skiing. you can't do that in other states, can you, guys?
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>> not in illinois or new jersey. >> thank you very much! grace, i don't want it talk to you. [ laughter ] >> otherwise, here's your snow report: music, movie >> have a great weekend. i don't know if i want to talk to you. today's smartphones are loaded with technology, music, movies, social networking and gps in the palm offer hands. alexis christoforous reports. reporter: a peek into the future reveals a cell phone you can see through. samsung is trying to make one that's paper thin. nokia is developing a device that lets you text on one side and check your calendar on the other. this futuristic technology is on its way. >> really interacting just with the touchscreen. that seems to be a trend that we're seeing moving forward. >> reporter: flexible phones
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could be the next big thing. this prototype from nokia responds to every twist and bend. and the company believes future phones could eventually look something like this. in the near future, smartphones will be thinner and faster. you will even be able to wear one on your wrist. this spring, sony is releasing the ex-spear yeah which can be controlled with this bluetooth- enabled watch. >> it's really a remote screen in my phone. so if i have a phone in a bag or pocket, i still have access to a lot of information whether it's my text messages, twitter updates. >> reporter: tired of watching movies on your phone's small screen? many can now be plugged right into the television. whatever is loaded in here you can watch on your tv when you want to. >> sure. >> reporter: the next generation of cell phones may even replace your wallet. use it to pay for a cup of coffee, even track your expenses. >> i think we certainly are headed to a place where your phone is everything and it is -- it represents your identity. >> reporter: your entire life
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in the palm of your hand. alexis christoforous, cbs 5. but one thing isn't changing. this guy right here. a major milestone for mr. potato head. he is celebrating a birthday. we'll tell you about that coming up. i am live by the way tony tantillo your fresh grosser in front of city hall where all these food trucks and the food we're going to try is going to be incredible. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but mister pot even after all this time, he still looks like a young spud. >> mr. poe at that time tow head is celebrating a big birthday this movement turning 60. we share the same birthday. it originally came with just parts and mom and dad would supply the spud. it was also the first toy ever to advertise on television now over 100 million have been sold and there have been moshe 30 different varieties. we have a lunch treat. >> classic asian sandwiches giving it a modern twist. tony tantillo has unique lunch options that you wouldn't find on the grid. there are food trucks all
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around. one of the hottest trends around the country are the food trucks. gourmet on wheels. >> it's going crazy. >> we are so happy to be part of this phenomenon going on right now. changing the way people eat and experience food outside. and just bringing us all the hungry people from the bay area. >> in europe street food has always been going around. we have southern sandwich company. what do you have here? >> those are my grandma's hush puppies. >> beautiful. >> we have a beautiful chopped beef brisket sandwich, fresh coleslaw, potato salad, all the kind of food i grew up eating at my ranch in texas. >> everybody whether a food truck is so passionate about what they have. the lines in front of each truck up to 50 people deep. >> this is our most popular item pork belly and spicy
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chicken. >> who are you with? >> the chairman truck. >> reporter: i like that. the diversity also is incredible. what do we have here? >> this isthee tacos. >> we have to wrap it up. stephanie, come here. my daughter's right here who is also helping me try this. she ran into me today. how is it? good? >> real good. >> tony's interviewing the world! >> caption colorado, llc go to college.
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mom: what are you saying? you've got to go to college. son: well, they offered me a job and... mom: son, college is much more important. son: no. mom: yes. son: no, mom. mom: yes. son: anyway, it's my decision. mom: ok, well, then, decide what degree you are going to get, because you will go to college. announcer: their tomorrow depends on your words today. the hispanic scholarship fund has the information you need to help your kids go to college.


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